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This directory contains clusters of DNAse hypersensitivity sites generated by the ENCODE project. Further information is available in the /cgi-bin/hgTrackUi?db=hg18&g=wgEncodeRegDnaseClustered"> ENCODE Digital DNaseI Hypersensitivity Clusters track description.

The data here is derived from clustering the peaks data available at http://hgdownload.cse.ucsc.edu/goldenPath/hg18/encodeDCC/wgEncodeUwDnaseSeq/

Data is RESTRICTED FROM USE in publication until the restriction date noted for the given data file.

There are two files within this directory that contain information about the downloads:
  • files.txt which is a tab-separated file with the name and metadata for each download.
  • md5sum.txt which is a list of the md5sum output for each download.

      FileSizeSubmitted  Details
      2010-10-22wgEncodeRegDnaseClustered.bed.gz  8.8M  2010-08-09  dataType=cluster; subId=2095; grant=Kent; lab=Kent; type=bed; tableName=wgEncodeRegDnaseClustered
      2010-10-22wgEncodeRegDnaseClusteredInputs.tab.gz  551  2010-08-08  dataType=cluster; subId=2095; grant=Kent; lab=Kent; type=tab; tableName=wgEncodeRegDnaseClusteredInputs

    2 files