This directory and subdirectories contain Minix-vmd, a UNIX-like system for IBM PC's and compatibles with at least a 386sx processor.

Minix-vmd is the result of a two person effort to adapt Minix to their likings. Note the last two words; This system is not created to conquer the world, it is just Minix adapted to the fancies of two people. Minix is a small educational UNIX-like system created by Andy Tanenbaum. If you don't know what Minix is then please read the Minix Info Sheet first. It is probably wise to play with Minix before trying Minix-vmd. Especially since Minix is meant to be an educational tool, an objective Minix-vmd does not share. (Which does not say it is not educational.)

The two main additions to Minix-vmd compared to standard Minix are:

All other differences are not worth mentioning in detail, because that is what they are, detailed changes and improvements. These things add up to making Minix-vmd about twice as big as standard Minix, but still small compared to any other of the free UNIX-like systems out there.

Like Minix, Minix-vmd is free for educational use only, read the Minix license-to-use in the file COPYRIGHT. You have to agree to its terms if you want to use this software. This file also contains some notes on the legal status of the other software that Minix-vmd is composed of.

You can find the following directories in this tree:

	1.7.0/		- Minix-vmd 1.7.0

	opt/		- Optional packages for Minix-vmd

	dosutil/	- Useful MS-DOS utilities for Minix installation

	gnu/		- GNU source for binary only programs (i.e. GCC)
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